Herald Puppets

The Puppets are used to present gospel truth in a way which is entertaining, engaging and memorable. They are particularly appealing to children, although we find that many adults also enjoy the performances. Some of the plays we use are aimed at a mixed audience: others are written with a younger age group in mind.

All our puppets are hand-made by our Puppet Team Leader. The scripts are from a variety of places, with some written specifically for us and some from other sources.

We look forward to being able to take the puppets out and about again to share the gospel message in the future.

Our repertoire

The Herald Puppets have shows for Christmas, Easter, Harvest Festival and several others which are not specific to any season. These include musical shows and some based (loosely or otherwise) on parables told by Jesus and recorded in the Bible.

Our audiences

We have been to several schools - both in Woodley and further afield in Reading and Wokingham. Sometimes we have taken part in a service, sometimes we have presented a story the children had been studying and on some occasions we have been able to show the children how the puppets are made and operated.

At the Holiday Bible Club at Christ Church, Woodley, the Herald Puppets give their own interpretation of the theme for the week.

We have also entertained Age Concern at the Day Centre in Woodley, the people of Woodley at the Woodley Carnival, and of course our own congregation on many occasions.


If you would like to enquire about arranging a puppet show please contact us either using the email address below, or our minister

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