Why pray?

The Woodley Airfield Church believes that prayer support for all that we do is extremely important.

Whether you are struggling with a problem or a decision, whether you have something joyful that you want to thank God for, even if you want someone to pray with you without knowing the reason, members of the church are available to pray with you or for you.

Prayer requests can be passed along our Prayer Chain or can be restricted to one person: please tell us which you prefer. In both cases all details are treated as confidential.

Prayer with or without meetings

The church is still praying.

We meet every weekday morning for a brief time of prayer online. If you would like us to pray for you or someone you know please contact our Minister and he will bring your request to the meeting.

As always, if you do not want names mentioned we will respect that: God does not need to be told who you are!

Prayer boxes

We have two Prayer Boxes. One is inside the school building and the other is built into the display on the fence next to the pedestrian entrance. Either may be used for written prayer requests and both are checked regularly in normal times and whenever possible at present.

You may have seen our Prayer Request leaflet, but any piece of paper will do. Requests may be anonymous and can include as much or as little detail as you wish.

People of all ages are welcome to to ask us to pray. You do not have to come to our services to use this, or indeed to any church. It is for the whole community. We believe that God does hear and answer prayers - yours as well as ours - and He longs for us to involve Him in our lives by praying.

If you find that the prayers are answered in a way you can share we would love to hear about it so we can thank God for the answer he has given.

Prayer for our community

If you live in the Woodley area but haven't been to our worship services or don't want to come but you would like someone to pray for you it is also possible to pass your request (anonymously if necessary) to our minister.

There are also prayer meetings arranged by Churches Together in Woodley: details can be found on their website

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