Where & When

Due to the current situation we are unable to meet as we normally do. We do, however, have some resources to enable us to worship in our homes. These can be found on our 'Online Worship' page.

Worship style

We are very aware that many people feel uncomfortable in churches because they are not sure when to stand or sit and which books they need to follow the service. If that sounds like your experience of church then relax ... the Airfield Church isn't like that at all!

We know that you need to know what is going on to get the most out of worship - so we tell people when we'd like them to stand or sit, we tell you what is coming next and we don't assume you know the words of the Lord's prayer off by heart. And if you should happen to get the words wrong no-one will mind; probably no-one will even notice!

Meeting in a school means we don't have an organ - our worship music is led usually by recorded backing tracks. Many of the songs we use are fairly modern: follow the link to access a list of the songs we know and which songs we have backing tracks for.

Let the children come

We welcome children in our worship - even the noisy ones! Please be assured that a child making a noise in church is far more annoying to his or her own parents than to anyone else. We don't mind a bit of noise - what is important is that you, and they, are able to feel like part of the family and to be able to enjoy worshipping God with us.

Every day

We believe that every day should be part of our worship of God, and that our lifestyle should reflect our commitment to him. As part of this full-time commitment we, as a church, give a tenth of our income to charities. We are also registered as a FairTrade church, and affiliated with Prospects who support people with learning difficulties. To find out more, take a look at our Monday+People page

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